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Route 66 Pigeon Race

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Welcome to the 2016 Route 66 5 Race Series


We will be flying 5 Average Speed Races in 2016

150 miles – 200 miles – 250 miles – 300 miles – 350 miles 

Accepting birds Feb 1st 2016

Training will start mid to last week of September – Races start  in October  (weather permitting)

Special perch fee deal  

6 birds for 500.00, 8 birds for 600.00 or 10 birds for 700.00

We will fly a  150 mile, 200 mile, 250 mile, 300 mile and a 350 mile race for a total of 5 average speed races.

Entry fee is 200.00 per bird due Sept 15 th.

If your bird does not go to the first race you will be refunded the entry fee or you can use it for the following year.

NEW FOR 2016

1– All birds chipped on arrival and wincompanion inventories will be posted so you can see when you have a bird missing

2-All tosses will be posted  5 miles and up.

3-Upates will be through Wincompanion , Facebook and website.

4– Accepting birds Feb 1st – May 15th  replacements until June 1st





I would like to sincerely thank all of you who entered the 2015 race.