We Mailed out the first group of birds today 12-12-16 that the breeders have notified me that they want returned. We will ship tomorrow as well and perhaps weds if needed. If you have notified me by the route66race@yahoo.com email I will attempt to get your birds returned this week. If you called, I may not remember. When some email, some text, and some call and some use facebook messenger it gets very hard to keep track of. With email, I can print it off and pull your birds by visual site. That is the best way not to miss any. Also we are mailing checks to those who won prizes and will deduct shipping from that prize money. We will also take care of refunds as we go through the process. This is a lot of work and time consuming so bare with us so we can make sure we get everything correct the first time. Any that I miss that have contacted will be sent after the new year. If you have not sent notification as of now then your birds will be put on auction and sold as is for any choice we decide. They need to be moved out quickly so the loft can be disinfected and prepared for the 2017 arrivals. Thank you all for your support of the Route66Race.com  OLR and we look forward to seeing you and some new faces in 2017. Please get signed up early. We start taking birds FEB 1st 2017- MAY 15th 2017. The more that sign up early entice others to get on board because people like to see races with good numbers! It helps us and you to sign up early.

Thank You much