We had hoped to start longer training by now.  The birds had a few trailer tosses from short but we had a lot of birds arrive late this year and rather than put them out with head and neck molting and all the clubs racing I decided to wait. All is good but we had over 200 pigeons arrive late in may and June and I want all to be equal as possible in the molt. we have started late before and it will not be a problem. We had some storm damage on the trailer that needed to be repaired as well and that set us back a bit. I look forward to getting these birds down the road and have no doubt we will have a great race series. we had a pretty good rain a few weeks ago and the trailer roof had some serious leaks that needed attention. that didn’t help either. we will get this series started and go every week once we start. November and December are great months to race for us anyway and the birds will do fine. best of luck to all!Â