Good day Breeders
 The birds were trained today into a headwind. Shortly after they arrived the cold front with strong tail winds hit. This front was in Kansas last night and it was a very slow moving front. early today Kansas was overcast with 30 plus mph Northeast Winds (Tail Winds) but the front did not reach us until late this after noon as we had strong Southerly Winds here most of the day and clear sky with 65 degree temps. Talked with a pigeon flyer in Kansas and he agreed it would not be a good day with the birds having to cross the front in south Kansas. They kept changing the forecast as always!!!!. Right now Monday and Tuesday look ok but we will see if that holds up. They had two tosses since the last race and I don’t at this point see that another toss is needed. These pigeons have had plenty of tosses. They will maybe have a light headwind or more on the next race again so now they rest up a couple days. Keep checking here on Wincompanion updates .
Thank you and best of luck. I will have the payouts posted here before we go to the next race.

A tough Race today. At the release it was mostly clear with a few high clouds, 19 degrees with a Southeast head wind at 7 mph with gust of 10mph. The winds increased a little on the way home but once in Oklahoma the winds were switching around as they often do after a cold front rolls through. They were East North East on arrival and quickly turned around to SE Headwinds at 7-10 and then as of now they are straight South at about the same. The first 9 pigeons came in from the west SW direction and although they made the speeds I figured they would do the rest of the birds have been coming mostly from the East and in small groups to singles and doubles and scattered about.  They had not been down as they had flown hard and were just off coarse. I’m sure we will get more birds but the winds will get even tougher from this point forward and tomorrow. Hope to get as many as we can. the clock is on and running and remain running. Congratulations to the winners today and to all the pigeons. This is flat land and there is no escaping the winds so many of the birds let it push them or over adjusted. They will have to work at it now even more so.